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  1. Consider,
    A = 1
    B = 2
    C = 3
    Z = 26.

    Based on above code, Find the famous 11 letter word whose digit is equal to 51

  2. Can you list words which sound alike with the different meaning? One means the "state of rest" while the other word is related to "writing material".

  3. There is a letter word which can be used to complete the below words.

    1 L O _ _ _ E
    2.E D U _ _ _ E
    3. _ _ _ E R
    4. _ _ _ T L E

  4. There is a common word pattern in the below words. Can you find it?

    1. CHARM
    2. DYNAMO
    3. YAM
    4. REAY
    5. EAR
    6. ONE
    7. TOADY

  5. Can you name a three letter English verb that becomes its past tense simple my moving first letter at the end?

  6. A ______ Surgeon was _______ to perform surgery on a the lady as there was ______.

    Can you complete the puzzle by filling up the blanks by using one word in three different ways?

  7. I am the end of life but also the start of earth.
    I wait in the middle of the ocean but not there in the bank.
    I stay very close to the beginning of the death.
    I am able to enter in the heaven but also there in the midst of the hell.

    What Am I?

  8. I'm a five letter word. If you remove one, only two letters remain.

    What word am I?

  9. There is a time when I got four, I have something none.
    There is a time when I got two, I have something some.
    There is a time when I got none, I have all.

    What is something?

  10. What word am I?


    * I am a nine letter word.

    * I am the exact inverse to expression 'neighborly and active'

    * I contain the word 'over'.

    * I begin will a vowel.