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1) What is Linux?

Linux is a UNIX based operating system. Linus Torvalds first introduced it. It is an open source operating system that was designed to provide free and a low-cost operating system for the computer users.

2) What is the difference between UNIX and Linux?

UNIX was originally started as a propriety operating system for Bell Laboratories, which later release their commercial version while Linux is a free, open source and a non-propriety operating system for the mass uses.

3) What is Linux Kernel?

Linux Kernel is low-level system software. It is used to manage the hardware resources for the users. It provides an interface for user-level interaction.

4) Is it legal to edit Linux Kernel?

Yes. You can edit Linux Kernel because it is released under General Public License (GPL) and anyone can edit it. It comes under the category of free and open source software.

5) What is LILO?

LILO is a boot loader for Linux. It is used to load the Linux operating system into the main memory to begin its operations.

6) What is the advantage of open source?

Open source facilitates you to distribute your software, including source codes freely to anyone who is interested. So, you can add features and even debug and correct errors of the source code.

7) What are the basic components of Linux?

Just like other operating systems, Linux has all components like kernel, shells, GUIs, system utilities and application programs.


What is the advantage of Linux?

Every aspect comes with additional features , and it provides a free downloading facility for all codes.

9) Define shell

It is an interpreter in Linux.

10) Name some shells that are commonly used in Linux.

The most commonly used shells in Linux are bash, csh, ksh, bsh.