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11) Name the Linux which is specially designed by the Sun Microsystems.

Solaris is the Linux of Sun Microsystems.

12) Name the Linux loader.

LILO is the Linux loader.

13) If you have saved a file in Linux. Later you wish to rename that file, what command is designed for it?

The 'mv' command is used to rename a file.

14) Write about an internal command.

The commands which are built in the shells are called as the internal commands.

15) Define inode.

Each file is given a unique name by the operating system which is called as the inode.

16) If the programmer wishes to execute an instruction at the specified time. Which command is used?

The 'at' command is used for the same.

17) Explain process id.

The operating system uniquely identifies each process by a unique id called as the process id.

18) Name some Linux variants.

Some of the Linux commands are:

  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Redhat
  • Debian
  • Fedora
19) What is Swap Space?

Swap space is used to specify a space which is used by Linux to hold some concurrent running program temporarily. It is used when RAM does not have enough space to hold all programs that are executing.

20) What is BASH?

BASH is a short form of Bourne Again SHell. It was a replacement to the original Bourne shell, written by Steve Bourne.