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  1. In the Green Valley school, a four-day suspension occurs where a student is not permitted to attend school for four days for (i) physically assaulting another student, a teacher, or a school employee or (ii) intentionally damaging school's property. Which of the given situations is the best example of a four-day suspension?

  2. A.
    Mike gets caught cheating on a math test for the third time and is suspended from school.
    Tom is asked to leave the classroom due to his constant interruptions.
    Ms. Julie told her class that the students who fail the exam are required to stay after school for extra class.
    Jacky uses spray paint to write offensive comments on the classroom walls, so he is suspended.

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    Answer : Option D

    Explanation :

    Although both the choices (a) and (d) describe suspensions, only choice d describes a suspension due to one of the two scenarios given in the definition, e.g. Jacky is suspended for defacing school's property.

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