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11) How can you define DTD in XHTML?

There are three types of DTD used in XHTML.

  • Strict DTD
  • Transitional DTD
  • Frameset DTD

You can use any of the DTD on the top of the XHTML document.

12) How to create a Hello World page in XHTML?

The Hello World page of XHTML looks like this:

13) What is the need of modular DTDs?

Modular DTD makes it easy to deploy new deployments. An application only supports subset of XHTML. For example a mobile phone, Internet TV etc. only require a subset of XHTML.

14) What is DOM?

DOM is a platform independent, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard form of representation of structured documents as an object-oriented model. It is an application programming interface for accessing HTML and XML documents.