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  1. Five Lakes Publishing has a Windows 2000 network serving 200 users. A server named User_srv is used to hold users' files. User_srv is configured with a single, large NTFS volume. Every user has a home folder on User_srv. Users can also use a shared folder named IN_PROGRESS to store files for books that are being prepared. The network administrator at Five Lakes Publishing configured disk quotas for the NTFS volume on User_srv. All users have a default limit of 100 MB, and the option to deny space to users who exceed their limit has been enabled. When a user named Amy Jones attempts to save a chapter of a new book to her home folder on the server, she receives the following error message: "The disk is full or too many files are open." What should Amy do to allow this document to be saved?

  2. A.
    Compress the files in her home folder to save disk space
    Change the security setting of some of the files in her home folder to grant Full Control permission to a user who has not reached the quota level
    Move some of the files from her home folder to the IN_PROGRESS shared folder
    Remove files from her home folder until the total uncompressed file size is less than 100 MB
    None of above

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    Answer : Option D

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