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  1. You install and run a third-party 32-bit application named Application on your Windows 2000 Server computer. After several days, the application stops responding. You open Task Manager and find that the CPU usage is at 100 percent. The normal range of CPU usage on the server is from 20 percent to 30 percent You end the application. However, you see that the CPU on the server is still at 100 percent. Task Manager shows no other applications running. You then examine the Processes page in Task Manager and confirm that the Application.exe process is no longer running. You want to return the CPU usage to its normal range. What should you do?

  2. A.
    Use Computer Management to stop and restart the Server service
    Use Computer Management to stop and restart the Workstation service
    Use Task Manager to end any related child processes
    Use Task Manager to end and automatically restart the Explorer.exe process
    None of above

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    Answer : Option C

    Explanation :

    No answer description available for this question.

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