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  1. You are the administrator of a Windows 2000 Server computer. You configure the server to audit all access to files that are places in shared folders. One week after you configured the server, users report that the server has stopped responding. You investigate the problem and discover a stop error with the error message: Stop C0000244 (Audit Failed) An attempt to generate a security audit failed. You restart the computer. You need to ensure that you can keep a record of all files access on the server. You also need to ensure that the stop error will not occur again.

  2. A.
    Set the CrashonAuditFail registry key to 0
    Set the Security Log to overwrite events as needed
    Delete the Liscense Trial registry key
    Increase the size of the security log
    Save the security log to a file, and clear it every morning

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    Answer : Option A

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