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  1. You are the administrator of the Windows 2000 Server network shown in the exhibit. Users in the Research group and the Executive group have permission to access the Internet through a Windows 2000 Server computer running Microsoft Proxy Server. These users must enter their proxy server user names and passwords to connect to the proxy server, to the Internet, and to your local intranet server. The users who do not access the Internet do not have user accounts on the proxy server and, therefore, cannot connect to the intranet server. You want all users to be able to connect to the intranet server without entering a separate user name and password. What should you do?

  2. A.
    Move the intranet server to the client segment of the network
    Move the proxy server to the server segment of the network
    Configure each client computer to bypass the proxy server for local addresses
    Configure each client computer to use port 81 for the proxy server
    None of above

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    Answer : Option C

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