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  1. You install your boot volume on volume C on your Windows 2000 Server computer. You mirror volume C on dynamic Disk 1. Two years later, during routine server maintenance, you open Disk Management and find that the status of volume C is Failed Redundancy. The status of Disk 1 is Missing. You attempt to reactivate Disk 1, but the status of volume C does not return to Healthy. What should you do next?

  2. A.
    Replace Disk 1 and restart the computer. The mirror will automatically regenerate
    Remove the mirror on Disk 1, replace the disk, and then add back the mirror to the new Disk 1
    Replace Disk 1 and copy all data from volume C to a new NTFS primary partition on the new Disk 1. Restart the computer
    Rescan the disks, remove the mirror, and delete the data on Disk 1. Then re-create the mirror
    None of above

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    Answer : Option B

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