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  1. Your network is configured as shown in the exhibit. "Engineering! and Salesl have DHCP installed up them." All the servers are Windows 2000 Server computers that use TCP/IP as the only network protocol. The sales department uses one subnet and has servers named Salesl and Sales2. The engineering department uses another subnet and has servers named Engineeringl and Engineering2. Salesl and Engineeringl are configured to act as DHCP servers. The router that joins the two subnets is not RFC 1542 compliant and does not support DHCP/BOOTP relay. You want to allow Salesl and Engineeringl to support client computers on each other's subnets. What should you do?

  2. A.
    Set the router option in the DHCP Scopes to for Engineeringl and for Salesl
    On Engineering2 and Sales2, install Routing and Remote Access, and configure RIP as a routing protocol
    On Engineering2 and Sales2, install and configure the DHCP Relay Agent service
    Configure Engineering2 and Sales2 as DHCP servers without any scopes
    None of above

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    Answer : Option C

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