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  1. You are configuring a Windows 2000 Server computer as a Routing and Remote Access server for a Branch office. You discover that an incorrect driver was installed during the installation of the modem. You attempt to remove the modem by using Phone and Modem Options in Control Panel. After each attempt to remove the modem by using this method, the computer stops responding. You restart the computer again. You must install the correct driver for the modem as quickly as possible. What should you do?

  2. A.
    Use the Add/Remove Hardware wizard to uninstall the modem. Restart the server
    Shut down the server, remove the modem card, and restart the server. Shut down the server again, insert the modem card, and restart the server
    Delete all references to modems in the registry
    Run the Modem troubleshooter and remove the modem when prompted. Restart the server
    None of above

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    Answer : Option A

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