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  1. You want to provide Internet access for the clients on your network. You decide to use Network Address Translation (NAT). You have a Windows 2000 computer you try to establish a secure Virtual Private Networking session with. You try connecting to the Remote Windows 2000 computer using L2TP. You are unable to establish a connection with the remote node using L2TP. You are able to make a connection with another computer in your same office. Why are you unable to make a connection.to the remote location?

  2. A.
    NAT does not allow for remote networking
    L2TP does not work with Windows 2000 computers
    You can not establish a L2TP connection behind a computer running NAT. The L2TP session fails because the IP Security packets become corrupted
    You have not configured the NAT server to translate the IP Security packets
    None of above

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    Answer : Option C

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