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    How much time did X take to reach the destination?


    The ratio between the speed of X and Y is 3 : 4.


    Y takes 36 minutes to reach the same destination.

  2. A.

    I alone sufficient while II alone not sufficient to answer


    II alone sufficient while I alone not sufficient to answer


    Either I or II alone sufficient to answer


    Both I and II are not sufficient to answer


    Both I and II are necessary to answer

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    Answer : Option E

    Explanation :

    Since ratio of speed of X : Y is 3 : 4, then ratio of time will be 4 : 3.

     I. If Y takes 3 min, then X takes 4 min.

     II.   If Y takes 36 min, then X takes\([\frac {4 } { 3 }*36]\)min= 48min

    Thus, I and II together give the answer.


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