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Discussion :: Profit and Loss

  1.  What is the percent profit earned by the shopkeeper on selling the articles in his shop?

    I.Labeled price of the articles sold was 130% of the cost price.

    II.Cost price of each article was Rs. 550.

    III.A discount of 10% on labeled price was offered.



  2. A.

    Only I


    Only II


    I and III


    All the three are required


    Question cannot be answer even with information in all the three statements.

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    Answer : Option C

    Explanation :

     I. Let C.P. be Rs. x.

    Then, M.P. = 130% of x = Rs. 13x .

    III. S.P. = 90% of M.P.

    Thus, I and III give, S.P. = Rs. 90 x 13x = Rs. 117x
    100 10 100


    Gain = Rs. 117x x = Rs. 17x
    100 100

    Thus, from I and III, gain % can be obtained.

    Clearly, II is redundant.





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