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  1. What is Ravi's present age?


    The present age of Ravi is half of that of his father.


    After 5 years, the ratio of Ravi's age to that of his father's age will be 6 : 11.


    Ravi is 5 years younger than his brother.

  2. A.

    I and II only


    II and III only


    I and III only


    All I, II and III


    Even with all the three statements answer cannot be determined.

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    Answer : Option A

    Explanation :

     I. Let Ravi's present age be x years. Then, his father's present age = 2x years.


     II. After 5 years,\( \frac { \text{Ravi's age} } { \text{Father's age} } \)=\( \frac { 6} { 11 }\)


    III. Ravi is younger than his brother.


    From I and II, we get,\( \frac {X+5 } { 2X+5 } \)=\( \frac { 6} { 11 }\)This gives x, the answer


    Thus, I and II together give the answer. Clearly, III is redundant.


     Correct answer is (A).

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