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  1. What is R's share of profit in a joit venture?

     I. Q started business investing Rs. 80,000.

     II. R joined him after 3 months.

     III. P joined after 4 months with a capital of Rs. 1,20,000 and got Rs. 6000 as his share profit.

  2. A.

    All I, II and III


    I and III only


    II and III only


    Even with all I, II and III, the answer cannot be arrived at


    None of these

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    Answer : Option D

    Explanation :

    From I, II and III, we get P : Q : R = (120000 x 8) : (80000 x 12) : (x x 9).


    Since R's investment is not given, the above ratio cannot be give.


     Given data is inadequate.

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