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  1. The area of playground is 1600 m2. What is the perimeter?

    I. It is a perfect square playground.

     II. It costs Rs. 3200 to put a fence around the playground at the rate of Rs. 20 per metre.

  2. A.

    I alone sufficient while II alone not sufficient to answer


    II alone sufficient while I alone not sufficient to answer


    Either I or II alone sufficient to answer


    Both I and II are not sufficient to answer


    Both I and II are necessary to answer

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    Answer : Option C

    Explanation :

    Area = 1600 m2.


    I. Side = 1600 m = 40 m. So, perimeter = (40 x 4) m = 160 m.


     I alone gives the answer.


    II. Perimeter =\(\frac {\text{Total cost} } {\text{cost per metre } }\)=\(\frac { 3200} { 20 } \)m =160 m


     II alone gives the answer.


     Correct answer is (C).



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