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  1. What is the sum which earned interest?

            I. The total simple interest was Rs. 7000 after 7 years.

            II. The total of sum and simple interest was double of the sum after 5 years.



  2. A.
    I alone sufficient while II alone not sufficient to answer

    II alone sufficient while I alone not sufficient to answer


    Either I or II alone sufficient to answer


    Both I and II are not sufficient to answer


    Both I and II are necessary to answer

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    Answer : Option E

    Explanation :

    I gives, S.I. = Rs. 7000 and T = 7 years.

    II gives, Sum + S.I. for 5 years = 2 x Sum          Sum = S.I. for 5 years.

    Now, S.I. for 7 years = Rs. 7000.


     S.I. for 1 year = Rs.\(\frac { 7000 } { 7 }\)   = Rs. 1000.

    Thus, I and II both are needed to get the answer.



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